Saturday, October 27, 2012

4 Years Later

Four years ago I wrote a post about the crazy election day that I had had, and at the end of that post I wrote this:

"P.S. -- While I have my doubts about Obama's proposals, I admit that I also have a hope that he really will be a different kind of President and bring productive changes to the United States of America. I prayed for him this morning and would love to see a President that can truly unify the country.

Here is to Hope and Unity."

Four years later, I do not believe that he has been a different type of President.  He was just as divisive.  When Obama care was passed, he said it was worth it even if he was a one term President.  Obama has not had his eye on the goal, which is improve the economy and protect the nation.

I believe Romney can do this.  That's my two cents.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jamba Juice Eating Plan Results

Well, I finished my Jamba Juice eating plan with fairly good results. I did vary a little because I am a sucker for a bargain. Jamba is currently running a special where if you buy a wrap or salad and a drink off the menu, they cut two dollars off the bill for your "bundle" (see So I would buy a smoothie and a wrap in the morning, have the smoothie for breakfast (under 300 calories) and then eat the wrap for lunch. Price for such breakfast and lunch bundle was about $7.50. I thought it was a deal for two meals. Then I just made sure that my dinner did not exceed my remaining calories goal for the day. I generally had about 800 calories left for dinner. Other than the night I had dinner at my in laws and the day I slipped in some frozen yogurt for lunch, I stuck to the eating plan for the whole week. At the end of the week, I have lost 1 lbs. Not bad, not great.

I must admit that I need more variety in my eating plan. I do not know how Jared ate so many Subway subs. So, it is just me and my Lose It calculator on my iPhone this week. I am sure I will take advantage of the Jamba Juice bundle again this week, but not everyday.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Jamba Meal Plan

I love the new wraps at Jamba Juice, especially the Greens and Grains wrap. You know how Jared lost a bunch of weight by only eating Subway sandwiches? Well I think that should work with Jamba Juice wraps also. The wraps are only between 450 and 600 calories depending on which one you buy. There is also a couscous salad with diced jicama and currants. Yum. I am also using "Lose It" on my iPhone to track my calories (love free iPhone apps) and I can easily fit two of those wraps (or the salad) into my 1465 daily calories. Isn't that a beautifully simple meal plan. I am trying it out this week with a moderate goal of losing just two pounds. I'll tell you how it goes next week. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Part II -- Las Vegas Shows

We went to two shows while in Las Vegas. KA, by Cirque du Soleil, was amazing. However, my vote for can't-miss show is the Wayne Brady show. How funny was his show? I was laughing so hard I seriously could not breath. You don't believe? When we exited the show there were paramedics outside providing oxygen masks to persons who were hyperventilating.

He is a comic genius. I do not know how he thinks so quick to come up with the improvisational songs and skits. His show is different every night based on audience participation. The guy standing behind me in the half price tickets line was called on stage as a prop in one of the skits. However, my favorite part actually came when he was sing a song from his album. A large woman up front was standing up and singing along and dancing. So he went down and was singing with her, but she became so excited that she grabbed the mic and started singing and actually knocked him over into the audience. She did not even notice and kept on singing. Wayne Brady thought it was awesome and said it was the best compliment ever.
It is hard to choose between the Cirque du Soleil shows while in Las Vegas. We picked KA because it was playing at the MGM Grand where we were staying. We went with Brad and Julene Ballard. It was so much fun to see them and catch up.

KA is about warring Asian tribes and a prince and princess that become separated. The acrobatics and costumes were fantastic, but I was most fascinated with the stage that could rotate 360 degrees. Sometimes the stage was a ship rising and falling with the tide, or it would convert to a beach, the slope of a mountain or a vertical cliff as the scenes changed.

And I guess the last show we saw was just Las Vegas itself:

The gondoliers at the Venetian.
Restaurants inside the Venetian with painted ceiling.

Treasure Island with Trump Tower in the background.

Rodeo Drive meets Las Vegas with the Wynn and new Encore. These resorts are ultra plush.

The Excalibur with Mandalay Bay in the background.

The view from our room, the hotel New York, New York.

Hotel Paris complete with Eiffel Tower.